Thursday, November 6, 2014

halal cafe around georgetown penang

hye verybody
so since i'm planning for my 2.0 solo trip
so i need to know which cafe are serving halal food or at least they are PORK FREE
remember as a muslim eventhough we wanna try cool food at cool cafes doesn't mean that we can overlooked about the halal status

so I've read all the blogger reviews about some nice cafes around Georgetown and what i can conclude is most of them are not a pork free cafe

so basically there are only 4 famous cafes that "maybe" halal since its written on many blogs they are serving pork free food

so u guys want to know more?
wait for my next review about those nice food
p/s: i cant wait to have Affagato, Churros, Cronuts, late and many more
wish me luck in finding their cafe!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Next solo trip? Where to?

Do i have any similar friend just like me 
I'm searching a traveling friend 
At least one person
Kdg kdg terasa takut jugak nak travel sorg
Tp apa kan daya 
Terpaksa kot since semua mcm susah nak dpt duit utk bercuti and most of them alasan nya parents x bagi 
My parents pon x bg but since i tell them what is the benefit of doing this and that so diorg trust me 

So where to
Since i dh plan to Ipoh for this week but due to some reasons I've changed my mind so i will travel to Ipoh next week insyaallah 

Ok now back to the topic 
I'm planning to travel alone to Georgetown Penang by bus 
Firstly all i do is to search reviews and blogs from some backpackers about :

where they stayed
How much is the total budget 
The distance between attractions 
And also what is the main transportation when I've  reached Georgetown Penang later on

So this is what I've found 
1. Where should i stay during my travel later 

I've found out that these three places have unique features for their dorms provided oh i almost forgot to tell u guys that since this is a budget trip so I'm planning to stay Penang for 3 days 2 night at 2 diff hostels 
Why hostels? Because I've found out that in Penang their hostels are super cool and worth the price 
All hostels are below rm100 per night 

2. Next the total budget 
Since I'm planning to stay there more than one night so maybe I'll be spending about rm400 for total but then I've read all the experiences from backpackers they said that u only need less than rm300 in Penang 


 3. Mainly because people and tourist in Penang are traveling by the free of charge bus that will bring u around the city 
And there also some bicycle to be rent on with quite cheap price which is rm15 per 24 hours 
So yeah 

4. Since this is a backpacking ( solo ) so distance is not a main problems because most of them said that Georgetown is not as big as KL so the distance between each places are not that far and can be reachable by walking unless if I'll be very tired later on i will ride the bus 

So that's all for now next entry will be written after i really go to Penang 
Pray for me 
Xoxo 😊😊

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Where to eat ? Wood and steel kota damansara

Hye assalamualaikum 
Sorry sbb dh lama x update 
Sem 5 ade lah sem yg paling Sukar tau buat part 5 diploma komunikasi dan media ni 
So kali ni i nak update where to eat around Kota Damansara 
I mean cool cafe sbb org selalu tahu kat spot seksyen 15 subang je kan kan kan ? 
So u guys tahu kat mana the strand kota damnsara? Ahaa kalau x tahu sila guna waze tau it is just 15-20 mins from lrt kelana jaya and it depends on the traffic gak kalau jammed hmm padah ler 
So i nak share where should u guys eat 
The wood and steel cafe 
Cafe ni sgt best price pon affordable 
Coffee is really nice no matter hot ke cold ke 
Two person punya makan cuma rm56 je tau and portion dia subhanallah banyak gila kata Ko hahaha
Ni yg i ngan my friend makan he ordered iced cappuccino with spaghetti carbonara while I'm having my smoked salmon pasta ke ape ntah dgn flat white coffee 
My drink is recommended by me sedap dia allahu x ter kata haha
The interior and exterior design of the cafe sgt cool i couldn't manage to take a lot of pictures sbb time tu ramai org so agak segan disitu hehehe

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

20 facts about me

well since everyone is doing this
so i nak jugak eventhough xde sape nak tag i (haha what a sad life)
  1. hello my name is nur hazwani mohd jemain, people call me wanie or wan and i don't like if people call me using my full name (ehem)
  2. i am 154 cm with 70 kg height yup i am obese
  3. currently working out at fitness first using my own money and say what i am the youngest member there, mueheheh
  4. i really wanna be tall and slim sbb selalu berangan nak jadi model hijabista hehe 
  5. sgt cpt insecure lagi2 tgk org yang berkulit putih and kurus because i am not like that sobs
  6. pemarah dan bukan seorang pemaaf so if i mintak maaf dgn u , u better accept it or i will hate u forever hahahahah
  7. seorang yang reti nak bergaul dgn semua org
  8. xsuka ade best friend sbb nanti sikit2 menyemak
  9. bukan jenis ade geng utk jalan ke hulu hilir that's why i am always being alone
  10. suka shopping sorg2 xsuka org teman sbb x suka org comment pakaian yg nak dibeli
  11. seorang yang xreti guna software or benda2 IT
  12. sgt suka photography hehe (:
  13. sgt suka menyanyi selalu nak cuba masuk audition tapi ape nak buat belum rezeki lagi
  14. i always see my myself as a 154 cm person with 55 kg weight sobs gua nak kurusss
  15.  anak sulung tp the only perempuan dlm family sbb tu nmapak manja skit
  16. impian nak sambung study luar negara so doakan saya ok? amiinn insyaallah
  17. nak cepat2 besar gi kerja kumpul duit kawin ade rumah mewah kereta ade anak2 
  18. nak suami yang penyayang sgt2 and terima i seadanya *acewwah
  19. seorang yang suka pakai skirt sbb kaki buruk nak pakai seluar
  20. sgt suka warna putih so most outfit bnyak warna putih hehe

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

okay so this is my trip time table

29th April 2014, 11.30 pm,
I naik bas SANI EKSPRESS as that is the most comfy bus *i guess so
double decker u olss but of course 6 hours of journey makes me scared as SANI used to have some serious accident cases. but for their service i will give 4 star hewhew quite high right?

30th April 2014, 6.50 am,
reached Kuala Perlis Bus Station . dont worry the bus stop at a R&R between the journey to let some passengers fill up their tummy or even go to the toilet
so basically from the bus station u might need to walk around 100 metres about 10 minutes or less, well, it depends, then u will see the JETTY KUALA PERLIS nearby
if i am not mistaken the earliest FERRY is 7.15 am
but i don't like to buy the very-early one because tahu jelah kan air pasang air surut time bila, atas air surut je dh lama
so i bought the 8.00 am ferry then i rushed to surau near the jetty for performing subuh prayer (rasa mcm subuh gajah sbb dh pkul 7 sobss)

30th April 2014, 9.30 am,
by 9.30am i dh berlegar around JETTY PULAU LANGKAWI
i think the journey only took about 1 hour as Perlis is very near to Pulau Langkawi
one thing why i love to get into the ferry early in the morning as i can see the beautiful panorama before reaching Pulau Langkawi itself, u can see the sea water is changing colours from one part to the other part
everything is very green, pure, fresh

30th April 2014,10.00 am,
tadaaa now i have top up my essential needs such as breads , soy drink , some toiletries from 7 eleven
okay what i do next is
and guess what , i almost forgot that i need the car for today and tomorrow
and dush the tomorrow day is HARI PEKERJA (labour day) semua kereta jadi mahal
myvi rm180 for 2 days 
viva rm160 for 2 days
hmm tiba tiba there was a guy approaching me at that time offer a MAZDA 2  car for rm 150 2 days including sending me to the airport as i am going back to kl by flight and my flight is the last flight.
it was awesome and very cheap deal, i just need to top up rm10 if i am 1 hour late 
so yeahh i'm officially riding a MAZDA 2 while in Langkawi hahahahaha herhehrherher kat KL gua pakai myvi jer bang uhuks

 30th April 2014, 12.30pm 
lepas itu ini begitu begini (isi minyak mandi kat surau makan dlm kereta and on gps )
tadaaa i am now in the ORIENTAL VILLAGE LANGKAWI 
kenapa kat sini? sbb cable car kat dlm tu so of course first thing first naik cable car 
since cuaca sgt elok panas x panas and tourists pon x ramai sgt so x payah beratur panjang2 to buy the ticket
perhatian semua if warganegara u guys need to bring ur ic for prove okay? kalau ade ic then baru dpt naik cable car for rm 15 shaja kalau x de, kena lah korg byr harga tourist which is rm30 

 30th April 2014, 1.45pm
masa ni i dh rushed to pantai cenang and the distance between gunung mat chinchang (the cable car place) with pantai cenang is about 30 mins , it depends on the traffic too, so i reached there safely and first thing first ade lah misi pencarian hotel , masyallah tuhan saja yang tahu macam mana nak cari hotel tu , outsiders mmg akan pening sikit so u guys need to ask people around the place and please bawak any printed paper sbb x semua tau RASA EKSOTIKA VACATION HOME tu kejadah ape.

 30th April 2014,2.45 pm
lepas dah survey bilik loading barang masuk dalam bilik, i pergi survey tempat nak makan dulu, so jalan jalan je around the pantai cenang street, cuma nya my hotel tu dia a bit jauh so i prefer u guys rent a car to ease u guys nak bergerak ke sana sini, penat kot nak jalan lagi lagi if pergi for 2 days and 1 night je. perut pon dah kenyang so ape lagi balik bilik rehat mandi semua siap siap nak pergi ke KUAH untuk borong coklat! macam biasa lah HAJI ISMAIL GROUP punya kedai id my favourite!

                                                               30th April 2014,4.45pm
tadaa jam jam sebegini saya masih berada di kuah bukan ape kalau tunggu esok takut x sempat since pergi langkawi 2 hari 1 malam je, buat ape kat kuah? mengimbau balik kenangan lama masuk shopping mall makan semua hehe

                                                               30th April 2014,6.30pm
so masa ni langit dah cantik untuk tgkap gambar kat depan dataran helang tu hehe well, gua punya posing tuhan je yang tahu haha mintak org yang tgkapkan, this is last station time kat kuah lps tu heading to pantai cenang balik
 ade tips skit bila bercuti kita kena tgk skit keadaan sekeliling mcm kat RASA EKSOTIKA VACATION HOME ni keadaan dia agak mencurigakan sikit je kat luar2 bilik tu sbb ade renovation hotel dpn time tu 
so instead of duduk bilik sorg sorg better keluar jalan 
ye lah takut jadi ape ape kan? barang2 berharga simpan je dlm bonet kereta

                                                              30th April 2014,8.00 pm
time ni dh siap mandi solat semua nak keluar sekali lagi sbb nak beli barang runcit  dan yang paling penting sekali nak cari pakej island hoping yang paling murah
island hoping yg paling suggested ade lah under AB motel punya x silap rm25 je kalau salah saya update balik  
cuma satu je lah kelemahan dia orang tempatan yang bawak so depends kat pemandu bot tu kalau dia best maka best lah islang hoping kita kalau x jangan harap hahaha
so i am unlucky sbb dpt abang yg bawak boat x best

1st May 2014,12.00 am
selesai jalan jalan area pantai cenang , malam tu packing skit sbb esok pagi xnak rushing since kena check out terus time nak gerak island hoping.
masa untuk beradu selamat malam semua! esok kena bangun awal untuk teruskan misi island hoping tu

1st May 2014,7.00 am 
bangun pagi pagi  terus masukkan beg semua dlm kereta check satu bilik kot2 ade brg yg tertinggal 
lps tu terus mandi sarapan and check out
the benefit of having a rental car is that u can keep ur things safely and i park dpn hotel je utk keselamatan 
so dh sarapan checkout semua terus tunggu kat taxi station depan hotel tu sbb island hoping tu mmg menyediakan perkhidmatan  menghantar pergi dan balik .

1st May 2014,10.30 am 
ni perjalanan utk island hoping and it depends on the boat diorg akan pergi mana mana ikut cuaca but confirm akan cover ke tiga2 tempat
1.  Pulau Dayang Bunting (Pregnant Maiden Island)
     You will haver one hour to roam about or trackking down to the Lake of the Pregnant
     Maiden (a freshwater lake).  You can swim, paddle and canoe in the lake.
2.  Pulau Singa Besar (Big Lion Island)
     Stopover to watch the eagle feeding.
3.  Pulau Beras Basah (Wet Rice Island)

                                                             1st May 2014,2.00 pm 
due to rain masa nak naik tasik dayang bunting so terpaksa post poned time lebat sangat2 
so habis pon lambat
biasanya island hoping mengambil masa 4 jam atau lebih
but the nicest place to go is PULAU BERAS BASAH air jernih best sgt pasir putih

                                                              1st May 2014,3.00pm 
lps dia dh hntar semua org kat hotel masing masing so i drove my car pergi surau untuk mandi bersihkan badan yang melekit2 
selesai semuanya ape lagi cari makan lah 
shopping last lah 
then yang terakhir terus lepak kat pantai sampai senja

1st May 2014,6.00 pm 
then straight pergi airport sbb ambik flight malam 
the best vacation ever
sbb plan elok elok and semua menjadi
saya tekan kan sekali lagi
total pembiayaan diri sendiri ade lah rm800 semua makan minum hotel kereta bas flight island hopping dan termasuk shopping

itu sahaja coretan saya untuk kali ni lps ni saya share lg if ade lg tempat2 menarik yg i pergi 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

tips melancong secara solo ke langkawi

assalamualaikum, hye everyone!
how was your weekend?
mine was awesome *with some distractions
i stayed 3 days 2 night in port dickson and guess what?
i stay in 4 star rated hotel, maybe 5
1. avillion admiral cove

2. lexis hotel

worth the money, later i will tell how was it okay?

okay kita dah lari tajuk skit hahaha
ok2 back to travelling solo
lagi2 as a women kan, we need to be extra careful when it comes to being alone

i am 20 years old and i dah cuba utk travel alone during my sem break
kat mana? haa mestilah kat langkawi

so kat mana i stay? haaa
sorry terpaksa amik dari mr google je gmbar sbb lupa nak snap, xlah lawa, just nice for a budget hotel which costs u only rm100 including breakfast, hot shower, aircond and fan, and WIFIII hehe
my room bukan yg ni, kalau nak wifi laju mintak bilik yg paling first skali,
hehe just nak bagi gmbaran mcm mana dari luar dan dalam

    • kalau nak travel sendiri tanpa apa2 package
    make sure u guys pernah pergi tempat tu
    at least if anything happen x de lah korg x tau nak buat apa
    cthnya if u are in an emergency condition, u should know where is the police station, the hospital, the clinic, even the public toilet hurhurhur

    • check the internet about reviews
    reviews yang aku maksudkan ni bukan comments semata tapi perbandingan utk satu2 tempat/servis dan jarak ketersampaian jugak cth nya from pekan kuah to pantai cenang berapa minit, how was the place, activities there berapa harga kereta ni kat sini and sana, mana lagi murah and etc. this is very2 important okay?

    • never reveal that u are alone
    in this case, i mean NEVER! for example, masa smpai2 je jeti kuah langkawi kan kena cari kereta , ramai sgt2 tanya "sorg ka dik?" sambil wink2 i dgn selambanya ckp yup but i nak jumpa kwn kat sini and i bantai nama mana2 daerah yg famous i said " xdak lah, ni nak pi jumpa kawan sat kat padang matsirat, melawat depa," u never know if something bad could happened to u anyway right?

    • make sure ur mobile data/internet is active
    in my case, i rent a car so for sure i need a gps or anything. sebenar nya i jenis yg suka redah ikut dan je , tgk sign board jalan, ikut je smpai jumpa, but remember! xsemua tempat macam hometown kita, tak semua tempat ade tunjuk arah, so just in case u guys tersesat , u guys ade backup,
    p/s: bwk skali charger mobile utk charge dlm kereta tau!!! important sbb haritu membazir rm30 semata nak beli bndalah tu sbb tertinggal kat rumah

    • jgn terlalu mudah mesra sampai lupa batas
    ok what i mean is mesra tu boleh , u still can smile to others as usual, tp in my case haritu, please pandai jaga diri

    masa stay kat Rasa Eksotika vacation home tu , ade this one pekerja i think dia bangladesh or pakistan, dia cuba nak kwn dgn i but it is so wrong,

    note this! Rasa Eksotika vacation home punya lobby adalah di restoran mereka and the rooms are far away from the lobby, so beware!

    masa tunjukkan bilik tu dia beria-ria nak masuk smpai dalam nak tunjuk sampai tandas semua, omg i dah paranoid that time, and suddenly he asked me i dah kahwin belum, bcause he said he knew i am virgin because he can see it through my eyes, ya allah takut gila okayyy. so that time all i do is being a bit agressive and be brave to say no to everything .  he even invite me to go to the beach and play water together, *i was like what the f**k! haa takut en

    • always take note on how much did u spend for everything
    during my days in langkawi i bring this rm5 notebook that i bought from daiso,
    so cute boleh masuk dlm pensil box water proof , so everytime i beli ape2 including a bottle of air mineral i will write it up! because i limit my budget of rm800 only for everything (shopping,dining,activities,car rental,hotel, and everything)

    so far this is my personal tips, my personal point of view, it is okay of u guys disagree with some them, but who knows it might help,
    p/s: ade bnyak lagi sbnarnya tp tulah hehe next time okay?

    Thursday, May 22, 2014

    h&m long live fashion

    click the link below!
    h&m long live fashion video
    h&m official website about long live fashion

    hello guys, do u know
    h&m ade buat satu kempen utk selamatkan bumi (recycle)
    siapa2 yang ade baju yang x pakai atau koyak atau out of fashion (katako)
    boleh hantar ke h&m and korg akan dapat 1 voucher potongan 15% utk belian berikutnya
    minimum 2 beg per day
    dlm beg tu paling kurang dlm 5 helai baju gak ah jgn lah bagi sehelai jek haha

    i have been supporting this since last month sbb mula2 x sure nak bagi apa since xkemas lagi bilik
    but bila dh start kemas bilik jumpa belambak2 baju yg dh xleh guna , rosak, dh kuning , luntur dan sbgainya
     benda ni dah start lama dah tp warga malaysia mcm xtau sgt including me
    dulu tong letak plastik baju ni diperbuat drpd kadbod tebal tu je
    skrg dh moden, baru2 ni pergi utk hntar baju dah ade bekas yang tahan lama dh
    korg just pergi je ke kaunter cashier diorg and ckp korg nak bagi baju utk h&m long live fashion,
    and diorg akan suruh korg masukkan plastik2 baju, tulis nama, no ic and sign, tu je, x smpai 5 minit

    15% tu boleh digunakan utk items yg bukan under sale ye
    and 15% can be redeem at one time of purchase only

    so far i have 8 vouchers hahahaha
    cuba kira berapa beg i dh bagi?
    jengjengjeng banyak en baju2 x leh guna dh,
    buat ape simpan smpai reput
    buat ape buang
    baik beri kepada yg boleh recycle bnda tu
    see u guys next time

    Where to eat:restoran dima oasis square ara damansara

    hello mello so today i nak bagi review skit about
    kali ni kawasannya di ARA DAMANSARA
    nama restaurant ni DIMA RESTORAN
    yang menariknya restoran ni menyediakan sajian nasi arab atau apa2 sahaja yang bertemakan arab
    rasa? sedap sgt!
    harga? berbaloi!
    kuantiti makanan? lebih dari sepatutnya
    persekitaran restoran? tenang sgt mcm restoran mewah

    ok nak tau kat mana restoran ni?
    jap i share link kat blog

    so ape je yg i pesan utk dinner hari tu?
    medium (chicken khabsah and lamb modghul)
    order medium sbb i pinggan medium 2-3 person leh makan, time tu lak i pergi ngan family 4 org ja
    i order salad fatoush tp xsedap sbb masam sgt
    air pulak ktorg order strawberry shake, coconut milkshake, traffic light (avocado with strawbery ngan ape ntah), and chococado ( ala,, yg mcm alpokat tuuu)

    so total 4 org makan sampai kenyang sgt2 rm121 ringgit sahaja which is terlampau berbaloi, seorg baru rm30 uuuuu, kenny rogers lagi mahal tau

    p/s: nak share gambar tp gambar dlm tab sedihh
    korg google lah restoran dima mesti ade gmbr en en en heee
    ok tu je utk kali ni,

    lps ni i ols nak ke port dickson sbb haritu x jadi pergi redang u ollsss
    duduk hotel mana? haaaa jeng2

    Saturday, May 17, 2014

    result for the fourth semester, dip masscomm

    Student ID
    3.61 GPA : 3.60
    JRN211 - JOURNALISM ( 3.0 )

    sesungguhnya ALLAH itu maha mengetahui maha kasih maha pengampun maha penyayang
    diselubungi rasa bersalah menghimpit diri
    kerana ibadah yang x seberapa
    ALLAH masih memberi ganjaran

    new level of blogging

    hello followers

    dah lama sangat tinggalkan dunia blogging, terlalu lama
    so now just to inform ,
    will transform into a new look (insyaallah)
    dari segi isi kandungan blog

    i will be sharing more tips about anything
    about my fashion sense
    latest news and cases (since i am a mass comm student)
    and more
    instead of hatred words 

    and that's the way how we should use the blog right?
    salam alaik

    Thursday, January 2, 2014


    I should start again my blog writing habit with bismillahirahmanirahim
    assalamualaikum everyone

    It has been a long time since I leave my blog
    well, talking about 2013 , that year had trully taught me about being strong whenever I am alone

    What I've realised last year is
    my baking skills start to dissapear
    I have an ultimate addiction to instagram (scrolling the timeline to see and double tap the picture of beautiful creature
    I have a serious problem on my shopping habit which I couldnt stop buying things
    at least something every single day
    I have already re- started my preloved online business again so I can get rid of my unused clothes and get a new one haha *sigh
    oh and and I realised that I am a bit slimmer because now I am more confident in pants than before, haha maybe it is just my own thought but I still believe to myself haha

    So yeahh maybe thats all
    nothing change much
    One thing i have faced terribly is about failing to get deans list for my third sem
    gosh I can t believe it
    it is just 3.48
    omg! Almost there u know! But I do believe that allah have something (hikmah)
    maybe I really in love to shopping and fashion until I forgot the Mighty
    hmm maybe..
    just maybee

    so 2014, yup now it is 2nd of january
    And I havent started to prepare my self yet!
    this upcoming week I'm gonna be in malacca already
    so thats mean I really need to sharpen back my mind, no more scrolling the instagram during lectures
    no more potpet with bff
    no more cintan cintun terlebih
    because the mid term test is just around the corner and I did not read anything , oww man,
    hmm maybe I have lost a bit self motivation because of the failure
    but dont worry insyallah wanie will stay strong to survived the
    konon challenging world in mass comm in lendu