Thursday, January 2, 2014


I should start again my blog writing habit with bismillahirahmanirahim
assalamualaikum everyone

It has been a long time since I leave my blog
well, talking about 2013 , that year had trully taught me about being strong whenever I am alone

What I've realised last year is
my baking skills start to dissapear
I have an ultimate addiction to instagram (scrolling the timeline to see and double tap the picture of beautiful creature
I have a serious problem on my shopping habit which I couldnt stop buying things
at least something every single day
I have already re- started my preloved online business again so I can get rid of my unused clothes and get a new one haha *sigh
oh and and I realised that I am a bit slimmer because now I am more confident in pants than before, haha maybe it is just my own thought but I still believe to myself haha

So yeahh maybe thats all
nothing change much
One thing i have faced terribly is about failing to get deans list for my third sem
gosh I can t believe it
it is just 3.48
omg! Almost there u know! But I do believe that allah have something (hikmah)
maybe I really in love to shopping and fashion until I forgot the Mighty
hmm maybe..
just maybee

so 2014, yup now it is 2nd of january
And I havent started to prepare my self yet!
this upcoming week I'm gonna be in malacca already
so thats mean I really need to sharpen back my mind, no more scrolling the instagram during lectures
no more potpet with bff
no more cintan cintun terlebih
because the mid term test is just around the corner and I did not read anything , oww man,
hmm maybe I have lost a bit self motivation because of the failure
but dont worry insyallah wanie will stay strong to survived the
konon challenging world in mass comm in lendu