Friday, November 9, 2012

nak jual..

dah berbulan saya simpan baju2 ni, siap di basuh wangi dah tinggal nak gosok and jual, sape dia pembeli baru die nanti eh? suma ni masih cantik tapi sayang nya saya tidak muat or terlampau bnyak dlm almari..
so mari2
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no words that i can use to describe my feeling (: only ALLAH knows .
i'm so grateful eventhough it's not 4.0 or higher than this but alhamdulillah,

i've proved to ABAH i can still survive in this tough situation,


Monday, November 5, 2012

LAST YEAR spm ):

ALLAH tested me with many challenges and alhamdulillah i can finish it one by one, while my friends are having their good time with PROGRAM GEMILANG, PREP CLASS EVERY NOON AND NIGHT, JAMAAH PRAYER, RECITING YASSIN TOGETHER , RIADAH AFTER HAVING A STRESSFUL LEARNING DAY TOGETHER AND MORE FUN ACTIVITIES AT MAKTAB RENDAH SAINS MARA LANGKAWI (MRSM) i'm all alone in my room struggling for the best, the best that i can do to make sure that my mum especially won't be too upset with my results. i need to fight with my own self to beat the EXCELLENT AND SUPER GENIUS CHINESE in my class (5 JATI SMKDU), haihh only my family and AIZAT know how was my feeling that time, how many time i cried out loud, how many time i gave up and stand again to face the super examination (spm). AND I WON'T TELL again the reason why i suddenly moved away from maktab without doing any wrong or being driven from maktab. good friend surely understood but bad enemies badly judge me with wild accusation ,,
oh ALLAH, you are merciful, EVEN I JUST GOT 6 a's and 3 b's i was grateful enough ALHAMDULILLAH. and now i've already get the right place(maybe? insyaallah)in UITM LENDU MELAKA majored in MASS COMM STUDIES alhamdulillah,, see? the moral values of my story no matter how hard it is your life, never look back and give up but make it as a lesson so you won't repeat it again, remember that ALLAH have planned everything for us since we are not yet in this world, give up is not the way, try harder and doa harder! ALLAH always listen to your prayer (: MASYAALLAH

jumbo sale clearance for al-ikhsan

i thought it was THAT awesome coz everyone is talking about this event,so i've decided to go for al-ikhsan instead of VANS AND DC clearance promo, gosh! i should went to both event but i couldn't make it, hmm but trully alhamdulillah i've drove my car well and everything went smoothly happened like i've planned (:
at first HADIF was so sad because he wanted NIKE or ADIDAS football boots so badly but he forgot that his shoes's size is too hard to find at any store even sometimes when we ask for the biggest he still can't fit in that shoes. so we just bought some JUNKS i think to satisfy our own feelings, and even we walked or easily said as "TAWAF" many rounds we can't find any boots with US 11 size :P see? too big is it?
and we manage to bought only this such as blue sport PUMA bag
and ADIDAS water bottle for me (i've own this long time ago but someone had stole it when i was in mrsm langkawi,, sad much?)
hmm then he (HADIF) bought 2 pairs or ADIDAS socks and one ADIDAS red jersey,, so i went straight home but i felt unhappy with hadif SAD'S face for not having his own new boot since he'll be having a match this tuesday, so we went to one utama and start to search any CHEAP and BIG boots,(since here in OU there's no SALES OR PROMOTION like in shah alam) HMM alhamdulillah he managed to have one boot and i need to withdraw rm100 more to make the money enough for payment. PHEEWWW,,
we filled our empty tummy after we need to fae the half rainy day in PJ, SO WE WENT TO KENNY ROGERS roasters,, hmm yummy (:
maybe that's all i can share with you and just a message to random ppl, never challenge yourself to find a parking in one utama even at the roof top parking when it is weekends, i bet you won't make it, or will hardly fight for a parking. assalamualaikum and will update more (:

Sunday, November 4, 2012

kakak harith bagi recipe potato salad with egg yumyumm

all you need for potato salad is.. Russet potato (ikut brapa byk yg nak) Mayonnaise Green Giant corn (dlm tin) Eggs tomato(in this case kalau nak simpan lama jgn guna.) 1st: rebus telur and kentang 2nd: potong telur n kentang yg dah direbut cube size, bukan lenyek tau, nanti jadi mashed potato.. 3rd: mix the cube egg and potato together with green giant corn 4th: campurkan dgn mayonnaise 5th: Dah mix cover dengan plastik balut makann and bia dalam fridge. (sejuk lagi best) you can dress it with salad if u want it tasted great :) simple kan? naah bole la cuba ye ..ti kasi akak rate..hehe

Thursday, November 1, 2012

and abah please understand me

i really need this

mmaaaaaa can i have thiisss??

dian pelangi?

aku dambakan warna warni yang terias indah di tubuh mu dan kepalamu . indah berseri seumpama namamu PELANGI (: kau inspirasiku kau idola fesyen ku