Thursday, November 6, 2014

halal cafe around georgetown penang

hye verybody
so since i'm planning for my 2.0 solo trip
so i need to know which cafe are serving halal food or at least they are PORK FREE
remember as a muslim eventhough we wanna try cool food at cool cafes doesn't mean that we can overlooked about the halal status

so I've read all the blogger reviews about some nice cafes around Georgetown and what i can conclude is most of them are not a pork free cafe

so basically there are only 4 famous cafes that "maybe" halal since its written on many blogs they are serving pork free food

so u guys want to know more?
wait for my next review about those nice food
p/s: i cant wait to have Affagato, Churros, Cronuts, late and many more
wish me luck in finding their cafe!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Next solo trip? Where to?

Do i have any similar friend just like me 
I'm searching a traveling friend 
At least one person
Kdg kdg terasa takut jugak nak travel sorg
Tp apa kan daya 
Terpaksa kot since semua mcm susah nak dpt duit utk bercuti and most of them alasan nya parents x bagi 
My parents pon x bg but since i tell them what is the benefit of doing this and that so diorg trust me 

So where to
Since i dh plan to Ipoh for this week but due to some reasons I've changed my mind so i will travel to Ipoh next week insyaallah 

Ok now back to the topic 
I'm planning to travel alone to Georgetown Penang by bus 
Firstly all i do is to search reviews and blogs from some backpackers about :

where they stayed
How much is the total budget 
The distance between attractions 
And also what is the main transportation when I've  reached Georgetown Penang later on

So this is what I've found 
1. Where should i stay during my travel later 

I've found out that these three places have unique features for their dorms provided oh i almost forgot to tell u guys that since this is a budget trip so I'm planning to stay Penang for 3 days 2 night at 2 diff hostels 
Why hostels? Because I've found out that in Penang their hostels are super cool and worth the price 
All hostels are below rm100 per night 

2. Next the total budget 
Since I'm planning to stay there more than one night so maybe I'll be spending about rm400 for total but then I've read all the experiences from backpackers they said that u only need less than rm300 in Penang 


 3. Mainly because people and tourist in Penang are traveling by the free of charge bus that will bring u around the city 
And there also some bicycle to be rent on with quite cheap price which is rm15 per 24 hours 
So yeah 

4. Since this is a backpacking ( solo ) so distance is not a main problems because most of them said that Georgetown is not as big as KL so the distance between each places are not that far and can be reachable by walking unless if I'll be very tired later on i will ride the bus 

So that's all for now next entry will be written after i really go to Penang 
Pray for me 
Xoxo 😊😊